Planning a big trip to London but worried about feeling too stressed out to truly enjoy it? Don’t worry. We’ve put together an effective list of top tricks you can use to ensure you have a fun, memorable and relaxing stay in one of the world’s best cities.

Plan way in advance

Don’t make the mistake that you can ‘wing it’ in London. While some people get by with this way of sightseeing, many of us will simply wind up feeling stressed out and paying overblown prices.

Check out accommodation options online months before you plan to travel to make sure you get a good deal in a great location. When you arrive, sort out an Oyster card (free with a minor deposit) from your local Tube station and preload it with plenty of funds to take the stress out of running out during the day. Also, writing up an itinerary is a good shout to make sure you don’t have to worry about missing anything during your visit.

Take advantage of your accommodation

Book somewhere you can really unwind after a hectic day so that you’re raring to go for the next! Hotels can be handy, but how about aparthotels London? These can give you the space and amenities you need to relax in privacy and cook your own meals, which may be a godsend after a busy day on the crowded streets!

Avoiding rush hour

Reportedly, London drivers spend around 227 hours every year in traffic. If you want to enjoy the capital stress-free, it’s best to plan your days around rush hour.

Organise your party to be at your destination outside of 7:30am to 9:30am and 5pm to 7pm. These are the busiest times on London roads and the Tube, so working around them can help prevent unnecessary hassle.

Do things that don’t require strict scheduling

If you’re looking forward to a more chilled-out approach to your London trip, try not to book too many excursions that require you to be at a certain place at a specific time. Bear in mind that public transport is not always the most reliable and make sure that you leave plenty of time between shows or events to grab a bite to eat, have a sit down or simply travel.

Mix up your to-do list

London is home to some of the world’s most famous landmarks and you probably want to see many of them. However, try to include plenty of lesser-known excursions so that you don’t get stressed out with constantly being in crowds and queues.

Make time to have a stroll along the Thames and see which landmarks you can spot or grab a picnic and take an afternoon to enjoy one of the city’s many parks. Not only will you get to experience a quieter side of this metropolis, but it’ll also help you to chill out away from the bustling streets.

Relax before going to sleep

It’s been a long, busy day. So, what you need right now to bring your stress levels down is a spot of peace and relaxation. Before you go to bed, take half an hour to read a book, chat about what you enjoyed most with your group or enjoy a quiet meal off-the-beaten-track. That way, you’ll feel ready for a good night’s sleep and prepared for the day ahead.

Cheap theatre tickets on the day

Stressed about forking out a fortune for West End tickets? Don’t be. Head to the official TKTS Booth in the middle of Leicester Square and grab any remaining unsold tickets for shows taking place on that day. Not only will you not have to worry about paying too much (these are often heavily discounted) but you can also choose from the available seats.