The days when someone shows up at the airport and purchases a cheap standby ticket after hours and days of waiting in the terminal.

Standby Flying is still operational but not as widely used as before. The standby flights are reserved for those people who accidentally missed their original flight or for passengers who for one reason or the other would want to fasten or delay their scheduled flight on the same day and also those working at the airline, their families and even other eligible persons who are entitled to free flight.

Whatever the case might be, a missed flight, an extended vacation, or an unforeseen circumstance that would warrant you changing your flight, some tips and criteria have to be met. Some of the tips for standby flight on various airlines are exposed below.

  • You have to travel with carry-on luggage

You will not be permitted to fly on standby if your bags have been checked already. Standby flying entails you go without worrying if your bag will be lost or delayed.

  • Indicate for standby flying early

The earlier you request a standby flight, the faster it is processed. Standby flying is handled on a first-come basis.

  • Gain higher status by joining airline reward programs

By joining airline reward programs, you get bumped to the top of the list on the standby flight. More also, you are provided with a great place to stay while you wait for your flight.

  • Do not use highly restrictive tickets

Some tickets do not allow for standby travel, avoid such tickets.

  • Be at the departure gate for your chosen standby flight as early as possible

You have to quickly move to the departure gate and be at alert so you can hear when your name is called. If you fail to respond quickly, you might be skipped.

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