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Indonesia is a complete package of a variety of things. Starting from the stunning beaches of Bali, to the beautiful local villages, the serene atmosphere, the roaring volcanoes of Java, altogether present a completely different picture. The experience will really be a mind-blowing one if you keep the most prominent places in your must-visit list and stay in the best Yogyakarta hotels. If you are a first-timer in Indonesia, then Yogyakarta will be one of the best options. This place will give you an opportunity to experience a mixed-bag. The Borobudur Temple and Mount Merapi are the most distinguishing places in Yogyakarta.

All About Yogyakarta

The local name for this place is Jogjakarta or Jogja, in short. You can have a marvelous experience of leading a village life in the local homestays. Also, you can provide your helping hand in the rice field, and learn the native tongue Bahasa. The company of these simple-minded people will not let you get bored at all. Overall, it will be a unique and exciting feeling.

If you want to observe the urban life, then many Yogyakarta hotels are there. RedDoorz is the most famous name in these. The superior quality rooms will give you an amazing experience during your stay in the city. The places where you will get the hotels are Jogja National Museum, Titik Nol Malioboro, Taman, Pelangi Jogja, and many other places. It is always better to follow a guide if you want to explore the city in detail.

Various Notable Places

When you are at Yogyakarta, the mesmerizing sunrise at Borobudur is something that you should never miss. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations and the magnanimity of the single temple standing erect will blow your mind away. The interesting part is that it is the largest Buddhist monument on this Earth with 72 gigantic bell-shaped stupas.

After watching the marvelous sunrise, it is time to observe the captivating view of the sunset from Prambanan. This temple is a world heritage site as approved by UNESCO. In the 10th century, Dutch discovered this magnificent Hindu temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva.

The nightlife will be more enjoyable by attending the Ramayana Ballet. The dancers enact different scenes from the tales of Ramayana and entertain the audience with their brilliant performances. For an Indian traveler, this seems to a remarkable experience. The marvelous view of the temples, all lit-up beautifully during the night, cannot be expressed in mere words.