It is a big rainbow planet we all live in. And if you push yourself a bit more, you will perhaps recognize that love lurks in every nook and corner—in all its colors and dimensions. 

Yes! You might be getting there, where we wish to take you—LGBTQ. 

Though, a lot of taboo still surrounds LGBTQ community in our country, it is heart-warming to see how they have come out of their shell in past few years, and showed people in general that something as precious and pious as love goes beyond the shackles of caste, religion, geography and even Gender!   

Let’s admit it, there is nothing more beautiful than seeing two people in love and seeing them cherishing moments of togetherness. Haven’t we all loved Elio and Oliver from the movie “Call me by your name” where they strolled through the streets of Italy, recognizing and discovering new found love and freedom in each other! 

Isn’t it simply beautiful; something that should be possible in our country too? Well, the good news is—it is! Gay friendly hotels might not be a norm in our country as yet but some cities have initiated this change in their very own way.      

Gay marriages might still be a far-fetched dream in our country but here are some exotic locations that are a perfect vacationing spot for both gay and straight couples. 


The city itself showcases a very European vibe about it and while you are here, you can easily keep the thoughts of being judged far-far away. Sex and LGBT hotels is something very normal in a state like Goa. As you bask in the sunlight on azure and speckled clean beaches of Goa, you can explore each other in ways that you might not have explored before (Wink* Wink*). 


It is astounding to acknowledge that a country like India that considers sex as a taboo, worshipped it as a scared process in ancient times. What’s even more surprising is that some of the temples showcase women making love to women and vice-versa in explicit poses. Sculptures of Khajuraho are a celebration of human sexual energy and a trip to this place is sure to gratify you as a lover of art and romance.         


For a person who likes to indulge in romantic fantasies, Kerala is a place to be. Imagine scrambling through the lush green tea and coffee plantations holding your beloved hand—isn’t it something that we all wish for. Make sure you pay a visit to Kerala backwaters as the romantic vibe of this place is sure to melt your heart.