Rhodes Island is an island part of Greece. Rhodes belongs to the group of Dodecanese islands, and it is the fourth largest. Along the entire coastline of the island passes the main road, which begins and ends in the capital of the island, the city of Rhodes. Another island is interesting because it is washed by two seas, completely different in nature. From the southeast, the Mediterranean is splashing because the wind is calm and the visitors infrequent. From the northwest – the Aegean winds blow almost constantly, and the waves are there almost always. But for now, let’s leave the geographical features of the island. Now we will return by car ride Rhodes and try to find out which of the tourists in Rhodes live well.

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Features: from the port of Rhodes is visible Turkey, a district of the city of Marmaris, the distance is 12 kilometers. Boats regularly ply between Marmaris and Rhodes. From Greece, at your leisure, go shopping in Marmaris. You can even rent a car in Rhodes and go site seeing.

The city is more suitable for fun and recreation for the youth. For lovers-there is a casino. Hotels and car rental Rhodes are there for every taste and budget. You can choose the food programs by yourself. Restaurants, cafes, bars, there are many, literally at every turn. In them, you can probably choose any kitchen in the world. But we are in Greece. Greek wines are excellent, so you must try some. Discos and nightclubs are probably there on every street in the city. In the morning and afternoon, numerous excursionists come from all cities. In the evening, with the excursionists are leaving, the streets are full of young people, and the city beams with happiness.

Faleraki: Our next stop would be Faleraki. Here’s where to go with the kids! The coastline of Rhodes is mostly stony. The beaches of Faleraki are sandy. Perhaps this is the only paradise made of sand. The younger generation is eager to plunge into the sea. All major hotels are there only on the beachfront. For children, there is an amusement park and a good, large water park. Along the hotels there is a long street where you can buy everything, from souvenirs and fruit to clothes. Here, in the water park area, there are several “fur-coat” stores. Faleraki is also remarkable because it is located somewhat away from the main road of the island. Tourist buses going to the city of Rhodes do not come here. And if you need to go elsewhere, there are regular buses to Rhodes and Lindos.

Kolymbia :Out next stop is a small, quiet place calledKolymbia. It is a green village with beautiful promenades to the sea, and on the sides, surrounded by mountains. Next to it are the famous EptaPigez (seven sources). This place is one of the attractions of the island.