Is a contact game that involves running to beat the opponents defence line with a ball in hand. The team which possess the ball plays it by passing to each other who catch it while making a run. The opponents, which is the team without the ball defend by ensuring the attackers do not enter their territory to score. Rugby is played using an oval shaped ball and has rules which are ensured implemented by the players to ensure fair play with the help of the referees. Rugby sport first originated in England and has since been embraced by many countries. The international rugby governing body is called the International Rugby Football club.

Rugby tours

The tour can be very interesting and exciting especially when there is much fun. An interesting tour constitutes of the rugby game for the lovers and other activities for those who are not rugby fanatics but want to be involved. The activities include kids indulging and even those that can be enjoyed by grownups. Sometimes the experience itself can include visiting the destination itself it is the first time of the visit. The destination can include the unique features surrounding and even visiting nearby cities. A rugby tour can be a perfect destination since the organisers ensure there are no limited opportunities for everyone to have fun.

Some of the best sports tours include;

The rugby world cup

The rugby world cup is one of the main events of the sport that was first held in the year 1987. The tournament was first held by two countries; New Zealand and Australia. The participation in the rugby world cup tournament consists of only top rugby international teams that earn the fate by competing with other countries and are ranked. The 2019 rugby world cup will be the ninth ever and will be held in Japan. The event will take place from the month of September 20th to November 2nd at the first time ever the event to be held in Asia. The tournament will consist of 20 teams which are already qualified to play and 93 playing to earn qualification spot.

School sport tours

This are the most exciting especially for youths who would love to interact and share fancy time. The These type of tours exhibit ultimate bonding experience not only between players, but also for the fans. They consist of students from different schools and even institutions such as universities of higher learning. The tours consist also of a number of other related activities that are especially interesting to the younger people.

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