If someone wants to send something abroad then they can take help of Export agents to foreign countries [ตัวแทน ส่ง ออก สินค้า ไป ต่าง ประเทศ, which is the term in Thai]. These export agents are the company’s employee who work for the shipping company. So, don’t get confused with the words like Shipping company or export agents. These are all the same in every manner. And, the main task of them is send their client’s shipment or parcel to any place in the world. For that a person needs to contact them that’s all they need to do.

And, after that all the things will be taken care by the export agents. Just make sure to give all the information that they ask for. So, that they can give the right quotation for the parcel. That how much money it will going to cost for sending parcel to any country.

One can use DHL shipping

For sending anything to abroad one can use DHL shipping for this. And, as most of the people heard the name of DHL shipping. So, one can understand that it is one of the giant companies in the shipping industry. And, they are in this field for many years. They worked day and night in order to get such reputation that they have currently. It is not a one-day job that give them so much trust in people’s heart. Their hard work is the reason for it.

Delivery fees are very cheap

The dhl shipping fee [dhl ค่า ส่ง, which is the term in Thai] is very less. So, most of the people can afford it without having any problem. And, the main reason behind the cheap fees is that each and everyone can afford it. So, that they can send parcel anywhere.