When using Fly Club World, you can elevate your aeroplane experience even more than before. Here are five top reasons from Going Luxury why you should choose to upgrade your flight.

1. Flavourful and Exquisite Meals

Aeroplane food tends to receive a ‘bad wrap’, and for very good reason. Due to necessity, the aircraft galleys are not conducive to the production of gourmet meals. The outcome is often an unappetising and bland plate of food. It does not help that people experience changes to their nasal passages and taste buds during the flight. The low humidity of recycled air combined with high altitudes can alter one’s sense of smell and taste. Of course, not all bad food can be blamed on travelling at high altitudes.

Using a Fly Club World upgrade, you can look forward to carefully produced three-course menus made using high-quality local ingredients. Inspired by fresh seasonal produce, the meals are often elegantly presented making it a feast for all the senses.

Upgraded flights also cater to dietary preferences and intolerance to certain foods. The balanced meal choices offer options for vegan and gluten-free diets. Even the way the meal is being served differs from economy to upgraded flights. You have the freedom to choose between a selection of starters, cheese plates and desserts. Furthermore, the stylish china and glassware have modern designs. New table settings for new food selections have been available on all the London Heathrow and London Gatwick flights since the middle of 2019.

2. Making Yourself at Home While in the Air

British Airways offers to upgrade passengers to Club Kitchen. The Club Kitchen feature refers to a space set aside for people to help themselves. You can peruse and consume any item you are drawn to, such as a range of indulgent treats or healthy snacks. If you start feeling hungry before or after the meal, head on to the Club Kitchen and enjoy some sandwiches, salads, fresh fruit, chocolates, crisps and retro desserts.

3. Wine is a Bottled Poetry

According to Robert Louis Stevenson, and the wine specialist at British Airways, wine is a bottled poetry. Experts have carefully curated wine lists for upgraded passengers to enjoy on their own or as part of a meal. New and Old World wines can be found on the menus.

In addition to the variety of wines, you can also opt for premium branded spirits, champagne or some high-quality mixers. For instance, one can enjoy Glenlivet Master Distiller’s Reserve whiskey, Fever Tree tonic, Tanqueray gin or Cîroc vodka.

4. Lying Down and Floating Away: Enjoy Your Sweet Dreams

Understanding the significance of sleep, the team at British Airways have created a comfortable environment for their Fly Club World passengers. It begins with a spacious seat that converts entirely into a flat, comfortable bed. In addition, British Airways pays close attention to the details of the bed, teaming up with luxury homeware store, The White Company. This allows each of the passengers to enjoy a quilted mattress topper, fluffy full-sized pillow, a comfortable duvet, and a stunning soft blanket – all of which can be used in the combination you prefer. All the linen has a 200 thread-count of pure cotton which ensures comfort, crispness and hypoallergenic products. This ensures that all passengers are happy in their preferred settings.

5. Relax While in a Sophisticated Setting

The lighting in Fly Club World cabins is maintained at a low level to ensure passengers have pleasant sleep in a relaxed environment. Moreover, the passenger service is attentive but non-invasive. This is especially true during long haul night flights when the cabin crew avoid any disruption of passengers, while still attending to the passenger’s needs.

If you choose to remain awake during the flight, there are a plethora of entertainment options available. You can view on-demand films, television programmes, games, music and audiobooks using noise-cancelling headphones with a personal flat-screen display.