Traveling as a family is one of the best hobbies to disconnect from the routine, both for adults and children. However, each age requires attention, not all are supporters of the same destination and the budget can easily be extended between transport and accommodation. However, everything is possible with a little ingenuity, so let’s review some tips to take care of the budget when traveling as a family.

Appropriate tourist destinations

We can travel economically, yes, but to a destination that pleases everyone. Because while the right place can be linked to cheap prices, four days with our children visiting churches and museums or vice versa, four days of amusement parks and pony rides for adults, it can be the worst idea. Combine, contrast and set the itinerary to follow first. Then, you can apply the cheapest prices or the appropriate and closest tourist options adapted to the destination. At the weekend d’hiver en famille you can find the best choices.

Large family discounts

Being a large family can have its advantages when traveling (as in many other aspects). Presenting a certificate and proof of a common nationality of all members (3 or more children) can bring us numerous discounts on transportation, hotels and tourist attractions. There we have 20% applied in Spain (50% for special large families) or 15% of the Best Hotels site.

Cheaper alternatives

Many times it is easier to surprise a child than adults themselves, not to say they are much more conformist. And it is that replacing an obviously more expensive brand like any Disney park with a cheaper or closer one can also convince the little ones; basically transform the means to achieve the same end.

Meal included

Including your meals at the hotel may be the best option to avoid mismatches when eating out. Many chains include buffet service or economic bars attached to the facilities; a varied, healthy and cheap way of eating. You can also have a small fridge in your room to keep sandwiches or drinks for children in some of your outings, buy prepared food or easy to cook in supermarkets and snacks to provide energy to the whole family, especially in places of extreme temperatures.

Low season tourism

Although the vacations of the little ones usually coincide with the strongest seasons of tourism, taking advantage of the autumn gaps (October or April on the beach is increasingly feasible) or regional festivities to travel to other places, and even to perform that trip that you would not do in the middle of summer for the high price. If you also reserve well in advance, the play can be doubly beneficial.

Traveling as a family taking care of the budget can be a difficult task at first, but always (and especially in these times), the competition, alternatives and wide range of offers that we can find in the world of tourism can quickly facilitate our vacations. Do not forget some foresight and even imagination. Sometimes the most unconventional trips end up becoming the best, and the tips described here are a good indication to start planning them.