You will be better off when you travel under the guidance of a travel agency especially when you are travelling with an extended family of a large group. This is because the travel agent will know all the favorite and most visited tourists spots that are too costly to miss! If you travel on your own, especially in a place that is known for its rich cultural heritage such as Japan, you are bound to miss on a few tourist hotspots. Therefore, make sure you hire the services of a travel agency and also make sure that it is local. 

Choosing the right company 

However, with so many travel agents out their each claiming to be the best or better than the other, it may be overwhelming when you want to choose any one from such a huge pool to ensure that you have a hassle free and most memorable trip. However, to make thing comparatively easier you should make sure to choose a travel agency that is not only local but has a lot of experience in conducting japan group tours before. You will be better off if you look at their service track records and portfolio rather than their promises made on their websites.

Know the package

Once you have selected one of the best travel agency for your trip for guidance, you should next focus on the package that they have on offer. Ideally they should have a variety of packages so as to ensure that it fits in the budget and needs of different individuals, family and people travelling in groups. Ask for their packages and estimates in writing and also check it out on their as well as other websites such as for a better comparison. Such little efforts and time put in will save you from major issues in an unknown land.