Travel management agencies are directly related to the travel organizations. A travel agency in Japan cannot concentrate individually on the services like booking tickets, accommodation etc. Internet, online platforms etc. have expanded the functions and roles of these agencies. Suppose we choose international tourism for autumn Japan tour then your plan proceeds under different departments of the agency. 

The role of the agency is divided in a series of services:

Travel management: This is the main function of agency in organizing business travel. It includes the services like reservation, searching accommodation, car rentals etc. Nowadays, you can compare the services of different travel agencies like their tourism charge, travel strategies, deals and discount offers.

Passenger assistance: It is very important because you can face many problems like you may fall ill or met with an accident or you can even lose your luggage or other documents.

Consulting: It includes different services like you can consult about the destination, cost optimization and can also take the advices related to travel policies. 

Marketing and internal communication: An experienced travel management agency can also prepare travel policies for the companies related to tour and travel. The rules are related to expenses, management, discounts on deal etc. So, the company can have an effective communication with their employees. 

Technology: It has changed the role and function of the agencies to some extent. You can check the deal, compare with other offers then if you like it, you can book it online. If there is any query you can chat with them to clear it as they are available 24 hours to help you.

Leisure services: Sometimes travel management companies offer great deal and discounts to their lucky customers and also to the employees of the company. They also add value to offered services in order to meet the need and expectations of the client.