Begin your journey in Valletta, which boasts the world’s greatest concentration of historical structures per square meter of land area. Valletta has been dubbed the “open-air museum” because of the more than 300 monuments that can be found in a half-square-kilometer area. The city is tiny; in fact, it is the smallest capital in all of European history. The distance between the entry gates and the end of Fort Elmo is little more than one kilometre. We will be able to get to know the whole city in a single day if we do this.

We recommend that you take use of this chance to walk down the Sliema shoreline, which provides the finest perspective of Valletta. St.Julians is a popular nightlife destination in Sliema, where everyone gathers to have a good time. There are hundreds of delicious taverns and restaurants along the shoreline of the Mediterranean.

Malta’s Three Cities are named after the three cities that make up Malta

It takes just a short walk over a tiny inlet in Valletta to reach one of Malta’s most picturesque destinations, the Three Cities. Senglea, Vittoriosa (which the locals refer to as Birgu), and Cospicua are historic walled cities that served as defenses against invading armies in the region.

If you only have a limited amount of time, concentrate on Vittoriosa, which is the most beautiful of them all. It is here that the Fort of Santo ngelo can be found, which is considered to be one of Malta’s most magnificent structures. What are the most beautiful small streets in the Three Cities, and where are the most charming little streets in the world?


This fortified walled city, constructed over many centuries and influenced by many peoples, from the Phoenicians to the Arabs, served as the historic capital of Malta for a period of time. Mdina was no longer the capital of Malta with the entrance of the Knights of St. John in 1530, and the subsequent building of Valletta in 1536 and 1539.

Marsaxlokk and the Blue Grotto are two of the most beautiful places in the world

Marsaxlokk is the most significant fishing town in Malta, and it is well-known for its brightly painted fishing boats with painted eyes. For fisherman, the “Luzzu” is a lucky charm that brings them good fortune and protection.

After seeing Marsaxlokk, take advantage of the chance to visit the Blue Grotto (Blue Grotto), which, after the collapse of the Blue Window in Gozo, has become the most photographed location on the island of Malta. Climb up to the Blue Grotto viewpoint for a spectacular perspective, and don’t forget to take the boat trip, which explores numerous caverns and is available even in the dead of winter.

Well, if you want to go to the beach and explore the coast even in the winter, there is the lovely Blue Lagoon in Comino, which is gorgeous and deserted in the low season and is a great place to start. Always keep in mind that Comino is an unstructured destination for mass tourism; there are few restaurants and services are very limited in number. As you also visit these place through river cruise, you will find a dependable option in this case.

Last Words

Finally, if you’re searching for Malta’s renowned beaches with crystal-clear water, Gozo is the destination for you. It is the most popular summer resort in the country since it is the second biggest island in the country. Beaches, caverns, lagoons, salt marshes, and picturesque towns may all be found here.