We have understood the importance of a simple weekend trip today just because we have been put into this situation. Since we are no longer travelling daily and we are not moving around as much as we used to, our bodies have started to respond, and they are responding negatively. Not just physically, but it is affecting us mentally as well. We may have never thought about our health outside of the diet plan or the workouts or the keto routine or even then protein shakes, but now we need to think about how there is another aspect to our fitness that is our mental health. You may be physically ripped but if the mind is not in its place it’ll eventually affect your decision making in the day to day activities.

Today we’ll be talking about a few of these getaway destinations and our key focus is going to be various places with Maharashtra. Get your rail booking done today itself and head out to one of these places mentioned below. We’ve also mentioned the best time to visit these places, so you can plan your trip accordingly.

  1. Ajanta and Ellora Caves:

Located in Aurangabad it is considered one of the finest ancient rock-cut caves.

Visit in: June to March

  1. Mahabaleshwar:

A famous hill station located in the Western Ghats, famous for the strawberries & numerous rivers. You can easily book an outstation cab from Mumbai and reach within a few hours.

Visit in: October to June

  1. Panchgani:

It Gets its name from the surrounding five hills, famous for its valley view, a hill station in Maharashtra.

Visit in: September to May

  1. Lavasa:

A comparatively newer hill station in Maharashtra, spreading across 7 hills, it’s all about beauty, nature & engineering.

Visit in: Throughout the year

  1. Kolad:

Known for white water rafting, a village in Raigad district. An adventure sports destination for the one to take up challenges.

Visit in: June to March

  1. Bhandardara:

A hill station in the Sahyadri ranges with majestic waterfalls around high mountains. Make a hotel booking right away & enjoy this beauty.

Visit in: June to March

  1. Rajmachi:

A village located in the Sahyadri mountain, known for its fortress with 2 fortified peaks.

Visit in: June to September

  1. Lonavala:

The most visited hill station in the Sahyadri range during the monsoon season. Having a bunch of waterfalls, lakes, camping & trekking destinations.

Visit in: Throughout the year

  1. Alibaug:

A small coastal village in the Konkan region. Having villas, beaches, water sports makes it one of the most popular getaway destinations from the nearby cities

Visit in: November to March

  1. Khandala:

A well-known hill station in Maharashtra, located in the Sahyadris. Best for a weekend trip and also very popular amongst newlyweds for honeymoon. Get onto irctc book tickets and plan this trip today.

Visit in: Throughout the year

Now that we have discussed a list of these amazing destinations, all you need to do is login into the MakeMyTrip app and confirm your tickets & hotel bookings today and get the break your mind desperately needed.