One of the best ways to ease your mood and body is dancing. And speaking of the same, one of the popular forms is Salsa dancing. People around the world enjoy every beat of this dance form as it is suitable for everyone regardless of their level of ability or age. Salsa dancing was always a part of celebration, pleasure, exercise and sometimes rituals. 

Salsa dancing from a social view

Salsa being one of the popular Latin dance forms is a brilliant way to develop new social responsibilities especially for the travelers in Houston. People learn to communicate with their body language on the beat and rhythm of the songs. 

Salsa dancing is one of the brilliant ways to express personality, emotions, feelings and thoughts that helps people to build strong bonds and friendship around.  And if you are one of the passionate followers of Salsa dancing DC has many options to offer you! 

Best of the salsa dancing places in DC

And while you have already booked your ticked to DC, make sure you pen down the list of social events and salsa classes in DC as follows: 

  • Cuban Salsa Class which is organized on weekly basis

Location: Emergence Community Arts Collective, 733 Euclid St. NW, Washington, DC, 20001

This class is available for every level salsa dace from beginner to expert. And as a traveler, you will find a delightful opportunity to be social with the other dancers too! 

  • Barcode Saturdays which is organized on every Saturday

Location: Barcode, 1101 17th Street Northwest, Washington, DC, 20004

This place is perfect for traveler as they enjoy the after party delight with salsa music. 

  • Viva Fridays organized on weekly basis and sometimes on Fridays

Location: Cuba Libre, 801 9th St. NW, Washington, DC

Viva Fridays starts at 10:30 PM and goes up to 3 AM where the entire crowd dance and enjoys on the salsa beat. 

Your wait is over!!Sing p for the best salsa dancing experience in DC!