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Therefore, we have separated some tips to surprise those you love with a successful surprise party.Enjoy and already mark your friends to leave that indirect.

Start with planning

First of all, plan. Choose the party location, date and time. The party does not necessarily have to be the birthday itself, the important thing is to keep in mind that you will need to choose a day that has time to devote to organizing the event.

Think about the party theme

At this time it is essential to take into account the taste of the birthday boy, this will influence the decoration, music and even the food.

Define the type of party

At that time we must decide whether the party will be a barbecue, a dinner, a picnic, a ballad or even a costume party.

Now let’s go to guest lists

Think of the people the birthday boy would like to call for this celebration. Remember to warn them that the party will be a surprise and ask them to keep the secret.

Ask for help

When it comes to organizing a surprise party, all help is welcome. Ask the guests for their contribution with food and drinks or an amount with an average value for you to buy things.


The eve of the party has arrived, check if everything is right, food, drink, music, decoration.

Check the details

Who will take the birthday boy to the place, how will he not be suspicious, the arrival of the guests and where they should park the vehicles.

The big day has come

Remember to arrive in advance to get everything right, ask for help from some friends. Also hire the Toronto Party Bus for the best results there.

Now just wait for the birthday boy

Enjoy the party and don’t forget the photos.

There are many details that cannot be overlooked, otherwise the bash may be destined for failure.

  1. Guest list:

This is the first step in starting the organization. The list is indispensable, because from there it is made the choice of the place, the calculation of expenses and the amount of “food and drink”.

  • Choice of location:

It is necessary to analyze the profile of your guest list to choose the place where the event will take place. This analysis is essential to avoid problems.

For example: if your guests are very excited, having a party in the lounge of your condominium may not be a good idea and can cause you losses in the end.

  • Playlist:

There is no good party without a great selection of songs. Book a few days before the celebration and make a playlist of the songs most requested by the staff and, of course, you.

If the option is a DJ, stay tuned to the profile of the professional you are hiring.

  • Decoration:

First impression remains. So take care of the decoration to impress your guests and also leave the coolest photos, a pleasant atmosphere from the other side to the party.

  • Food and drinks:

It is necessary to choose responsibly who will provide the snacks for your party so you don’t have problems afterwards. In addition, the quantity calculation is important not to buy in excess and also not to miss during the party. If possible, draw a profile of the types of drinks and foods your friends like.

  • Check-list:

Make a list of important points and the day before the party check that all of them are done and in order.Without great secrets it is possible to organize a lively and unforgettable party for any celebration. And don’t forget that the host should also have fun.