Do you know why people come to visit St. George? Part of it is the year-long warm weather, of course. However, they come because they want to visit some of Utah’s biggest tourist attractions. Most namely, Zion National Park. That isn’t only for sightseeing. Those who visit Zion National Park can have the time of their life with all the activities to choose from.

First of all, there are multiple hikes to go on, such as Subway Canyon, Angels Landing, and the Narrows. That would make it sound like Zion National Park is exclusive to hikers, which it most certainly isn’t. At Zion National Park, there are places to go rock-climbing, to go biking, and, if you embrace everything about the outdoors, you can go stargazing late at night!

There’s only one problem. It’s impossible to do all of these fun tasks in one day. However, visiting Zion National Park should be a time to remember. To do that, one would have to stay for a weekend at the very least. To make that possible, you need to find a lodge that keeps you close to all the fun.

Now, a hotel service helping any visitor enjoy their stay is to be expected from their service. However, when you’re visiting Zion National Park for however long you would like to, the perfect lodge should add to how memorable the visit is as a whole.

It doesn’t have to be heaven on earth per se. But, it must be something that will make their residents feel like every part of their trip was amazing.

Because visiting Zion National Park is an outdoorsy vacation, the lodge you stay at should have majestic views of the area surrounding Zion National Park, like the Virgin River, the Watchman, and the West Temple, to name a few. It should have acres of land to explore right outside of your hotel room so that the outdoorsy feel never fades. It should provide quality food as all hotels do, but it should continue to give off that outdoor vacation feel with barbecue. As a bonus, they could have wildlife be around so that their guests feel in touch with their fellow species.

The Driftwood Lodge located in Springdale, Utah is less than 2 miles from the south entrance of Zion National Park. If you want to stay in a lodge in Zion National Park come stay with us!