To organize a party on a party bus you have to choose between the various types of minibuses. One of the trendiest and most fashionable models is represented by double-decker English buses. You can get on and off from the first to the second floor of the bus, sipping a cocktail going around the city: a truly original and special way to celebrate your event.

Your Choices

You can also choose colors, lights and disco music to make the party even more personal. At your disposal there are English buses both covered and uncovered, you must ask for availability from the agencies that rent minibuses and of course choose the period. Obviously we do not recommend renting English buses discovered in winter, as we do not recommend renting closed buses in summer. With the Party Bus Toronto you can expect the best results now.

  • As already explained above, you can decide to run around the city by the English bus, or keep it still and decide to go wild with a fantastic party based on disco music, Latin American and so on. It is advisable to rent a double-decker English bus when there are many guests, in order to have more space available. Otherwise if the number of people is smaller, we recommend you rent a single-storey bus, you will have all the same services available, but obviously with a slightly reduced capacity.

How to make a perfect party bus: additional options and services

On an important day such as that of the eighteenth birthday, an anniversary, a bachelorette party, a bachelor party, a degree or any other event to remember, no expense will be paid.

You can then decide to add additional options and services to make your party even more unique and magical. The cost of the rental of minibuses varies primarily based on the model chosen and the number of guests. One thing to do then is to draw up a list of guests, also because buses of course have a limited capacity and someone runs the risk of being left out. Furthermore, to make your party even more special, you can request various additional services such as catering or a professional photographer, who with his photos will capture the most beautiful and fun moments of the party.

All these services can be requested directly from the bus rental agency, or you can bring them yourself but you must always speak with those who take care of the rental of the minibuses . A good idea for a perfect party bus is to organize magnificent themed parties: Caribbean parties, Latin American parties, colorful parties, masquerade parties and so on. For example, for a bachelorette party you can organize a pink-themed party, where the guests will have to wear something pink.

Limousine rental

Among the options available is the limousine rental, which allows you to go around the city feeling king for one night. Also in this case you must contact agencies or dealers that rent limousines, the so-called limobus. They are small buses, more elegant and refined with the appearance of a limousine, available in different colors with a set of infinite offers: karaoke video, air conditioning, leather sofas, mixed buffets, foam party, personalized cake, DJ and sparkling wine.