A holiday together with a trip to the theatre is an excellent choice for a short break holiday. It is like killing two birds with one stone. Not only are you able to enjoy the highlights of the place, your holiday reaches its highest point with a fantastic theatre show.

There are many ways to go about combining your holiday with theatre. Generally, you can book the theatre tickets when you are at the destination though sometimes, it could be a risky option. Buying your theatre at the last minute might not guarantee a seat for you.

Nowadays, theatre tickets can be booked online. There are many online theatre companies offering a wide selection of tickets for the theatre show. Though it is wise to shop around for the best price, sometimes you might not be able to get a good seat for the price you are paying.

Booking online would also mean either you have the tickets sent to you before you leave for your holiday or pick up the tickets at the booth on the day of the show.

Why not consider booking your theatre tickets together with hotel stay and dinner? There are several travel operators that will provide this kind of special package.

The package for holiday with theatre break could be:

– Your choice of show, room and pre show dinner.
– Your choice of show ,room, pre show drinks
– Your choice of show, room, afternoon city tour and pre show dinner.
– Your choice of show, room, pre shows dinner and limousine service to the theatre.

If you have no particular preference on the show to watch, check with the travel operators for any special deals, especially for shows that have been running a long season or finishing its season, there could be special prices for the tickets.

Look out for freebies especially in the current economic climate. Some travel operators may offer free night stay in hotels for the purchase of the show. Other types of offer to look out for are free child places, free upgrade to top seats in the stalls or circle or hotel upgrade at a minimum cost.

After you have decided on the holiday cum theatre break, make a final check with the travel operator on how you are getting your tickets. It is usually wiser to get your tickets before setting off for your holiday for a peace of mind. However, if tickets can only be collected at the destination, make arrangement for the tickets to be sent to your hotel or to be collected by you at the theatre.