Munnar is a town located in Kerala’s Ghats mountain range. It is known for its cliffs and teas. The views are breath-taking, and the British established many tea and spice plantations. For those who enjoy the outdoors and mountains and are looking for a break from their daily routine, this place is like a slice of heaven. Vacations are necessary for all of us from time to time. We plan these vacations on our own; it can be a group vacation or a solo trip to the hills to provide us with the relaxation we seek. Trying to stay atresorts in Munnar, while on vacation, is one of the best things you can do.

There are numerous advantages to staying at homestays in Munnar, and you should take advantage of them to get the most out of your trip.

Munnar is one of the few towns in India that is green all year due to its location among the hills, it is also known as the Kashmir of South India, so it is truly lovely and well worth a holiday. If you are a couple, you should consider going because it is a fantastic honeymoon destination.

Staying at a homestay in a place like Munnar is one of the best things you can do to get the most out of your visit and appreciate the beauty of the place. You can never know enough about a place until you live among the locals. We are unfamiliar with various cultures, cuisines, and traditions, and staying at a resort opens us up to new and authentic experiences.

Benefits of Staying in Resorts in Munnar

1. Connections

There are many wonderfulresorts in Munnar, and the people you meet will be of a different kind; you will meet new people from the town with whom you will form bonds. When you stay in a hotel, you will never have this kind of experience. Hotels are formal, and they only treat you as a visitor, whereas when you stay at a resort, you form a bond with the family and the locals who surround you, which allows you to learn a lot about the area and gain a new perspective that is essential when travelling. If you enjoy exploring, this is an excellent opportunity to form new friendships with a variety of people.

2. Affordable

If you are planning a vacation on a budget, you should consider staying at a resort rather than a hotel or a villa because you will have to pay differently everywhere, whereas the resort provides you with a consistent price. If you are planning a vacation on a budget, you should consider staying at a resort because it is a much better option than choosing a hotel or a villa. After all, you will have to pay differently everywhere, whereas the homestay provides you with a consistent price.

3. Tradition

The cultures of the southern parts of India are rich and diverse; there is a hint of colonial rule, which lasted for 200 years, as well as traditions that have existed for centuries. The British bought the tea and spice farms, which adds a unique flavour to the area. Because the people who live there have different traditions, you will learn a lot about their culture and lifestyle. When you stay at someone’s resort, you’re essentially peering into their lives and taking a look at it. This will help you understand how different everyone’s lifestyle is throughout India, as well as learn new ways to live life to the fullest. Learning about new customs and traditions relieves stress and provides an escape from your daily routine.

4. Food

Because Kerala is a melting pot of people of various religions living in harmony, their food is also inspired by this and has many varieties, so staying at a resort allows you to sample a wide range of foods as well as delicacies prepared during festivals. Everyone enjoys Kerala’s cultural cuisine, and it would be fantastic if you could sample it authentically from someone who will prepare it for you in the most exotic way possible. This is an experience that can only be had in a resort because hotels do not provide the same authentically prepared meals that resorts do.

5. Hidden Treasures

If you enjoy exploring, consider staying at a resort in Munnar, as the locals can take you to places that tourists are not permitted to visit or are unaware of, such as a waterfall, a beautiful cliff, or anything else that is a visual feast for the eyes. These places are well known only by locals, and the people of the homestay can take you there. Because you’ll be making a lot of connections, you’ll be able to do more exploring. If you’re a solo traveller, you should give it a shot because you never know what you’ll see on your next trip to Munnar.

6. Authenticity.

The people, the culture, and the food are all authentic, and if you want to experience everything in its purest form, a resort is a way to go.


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