It feels excellent to disappear in the streets of an unknown country: a backpack, some money, and the complete passport life of a tourist in this regard. If you want to make that destination plan and want to meet diversity and beauty together, then you must visit Canada. 

From beautiful touching the sky towers in Toronto, the astonishing aquarium in Vancouver or the Notre Dame of Montreal everything steals our heart. You may run out of time, but you cannot complete visiting all these amazing places. Here are some great suggestions we have come up for you on things to do in Canada.

 Never dare to miss the great Niagara fall.

If you ever visit Canada without seeing Niagara Falls and go back, then it’s a sin. It has the highest water flow among all the waterfalls in the world. The breathtaking view of Niagara and sightseeing there is so mesmerizing that it will be on your memory for a long time.

Don’t skip the Toronto Island

Fifteen small islands make Toronto Island which is in Lake Island. The ferry or water taxi will excite you like a child when you ride those. You can go to an epic adventure with some tasty food, swan ride, and whatnot. There are so many activities there that you will get lost in everything. The maze there will become your escape. And do not miss petting some animal in an animal farm there.

Parliament Hill in Ottawa is a sight to behold

If you visit Ottawa someday must visit the parliament hill. Because the parliament of Canada is there and it is significant to Canadian people. But the real beauty is in the river where all these are situated. The Ottawa River is an area of crown land. If you are adventurous, you can go river run rafting. You can even visit the Muskrat Lake 12 kilometer from the river. It will not fail to amaze you a bit.

A haunted night walk in Ottawa

If you are a tourist, you might have a tour guide there in Ottawa. They have some jaw-dropping story that will haunt you. If you love adventure, go for a night walk in those haunted places and prove those stories wrong. Ottawa being the capital of Canada, has these stories you will enjoy listening and experiencing. 

Vancouver aquarium

If you have kids with you, this aquarium will be the best experience of their life. They will get to know a lot from the sea about sea creatures. There are more than 58000 animals in the aquarium, and all are well treated. There are more than 300 types of species in there, and your kids will learn a lot from it.

Watching whale in Quebec

Whales are the most elegant species living right now. Everyone loves them despite their big appearance. You also may have plans to watch whale if you are visiting Quebec. If you go to Tadoussac Marina, you may see a whale there. Mainly zodiac inflatable boat will be better to roam around there. People visit Saguenay St. Lawrence Marine Park to get a glimpse of the fantastic mammal in front of their eyes.

Stanley Park in Vancouver

Historical places give us a feeling of nostalgia and knowledge. Stanley Park has that same history of years. After coming to Vancouver, you got to will calm your heart. If you love biking, you can enjoy the place with a bike. The flowers, aquarium and the beaches all deserve your attention for even a short time. You can try discovering the lost lagoon and enjoy the famous landmark.