Andamans has this exotic scenic view of luscious white beaches snorkelling in blue waters and a luxurious stay in a by-the-beach resort. What more can you expect from life? Indulge in the most interesting water sports with Travel Dil Se. Let’s create a budget-friendly customized itinerary, with lots of fun activities. 

  1. Watch Bioluminescence at Havelock Island

What if we say that you can spot the whimsical galaxy right here? Shocked? Yes, Travel Dil Se will try to fulfil all your travel fantasies. If you’re on Havelock Island on a moonless night, there is a probability that the phytoplankton in the sea waters will shine it lightly, illuminates the ocean and beaches.

  1. Trek to Madhuban

Be it expertise or a fresher in trekking, don’t leave the land without a trek from Mt. Harriet, to Madhubani. The trails run through long stretches of forests. You can carry along with your binoculars and a nature journal to pen down your thoughts about the exotic flora and fauna that you’ll come across during this trek.

  1. Swim in the Kalapathar Lagoon

Located out of Butler Bay, the Kalapathar lagoon is a very known swimming area. You can either swim to your heart’s content or loll about in the shady patches of white dunes. You can also catch up on some reading. And if you want to add some more fun and savour some delightful views of the ocean, then scramble through the cave in the cliff face.

  1. Go for a Nature Walk Through the Mongluton Rubber Plantations

Ever thought where that eraser that you used to use in your childhood came from? Bring out the curiosity here and start your journey through the rubber plantations in Wandoor. See how raw rubber is grown and sourced. While you’re there, you can even explore the spice plantations teeming with pepper, betel, clove and cinnamon trees.

  1. Climb up the Little Andaman Lighthouse

Wish to see the magnificent views of the wildlife and coastlines in Andamans, you must climb up to 200 steps that spiral up to the top of the 41 metres high Little Andaman Lighthouse, is located at 14 kilometres east of Hut Bay. Take your camera along to take exquisite photographs or a sketchbook to capture the picturesque landscape on paper.

  1. Enjoy Bird Watching at ChidiyaTapu

This has to be a mandatory pin on your bucket list. A tiny island village 25 kilometres from Port Blair, ChidiyaTapu is an abode to a variety of exotic birds including emerald doves, parakeets and sea eagles. Watch and hear the beautiful and a symphony of sounds coming through. The customised travel and tour packages will surely skip a beat in your heart!

  1. Picnic at Neils Cove

Andamans leave no option to mesmerise you with its beauty. One of the spectacular spots in this place is Neils Cove, where you can be surrounded by the best that is nature. Flora and Fauna have everything to offer—pristine beaches, azure oceans and lush forests. Nestled in the cove is an equally gorgeous lagoon with crystalline water. While you can not swim here at dusk or at dawn, and is advised to pay attention to warnings about crocodiles, one can always enjoy a packed family picnic lunch and long leisurely walks around the lagoon. 

  1. Soak up the Sun at the Various Beaches

There are so many picturesque beaches such as Long Island, Elephant, Beach No. 7 and Corbyn’s Cove to choose from. Travel Dil Se makes sure to spoil their traveller for the best choice here. So pack in your swimwear and sarongs, and get ready to spend some splashy time on these white and gold beaches.

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