Wouldn’t it be amazing to take a long, long, very long break from the mundane schedule of life? The 9 to 5 job, the family responsibilities, and mind made fears often  take a toll on our minds. Its then when we feel like breaking the shackles and fly out somewhere.

Bring your ear close because I am about to name the perfect holiday destination for you… George Town it is! 

Situated in the city of Penang island, Malaysia, George Town is a beauty. It’s an amalgamation of various cuisines, culture and ethnicities. All the travel addicts must know that George Town has been inscribed as a UNESCO world heritage site.

George Town has a unique blend of culture and architecture unlike any other place in East and SouthEast Asia. Since it was built up mostly by the British hence you will find most of the streets named in English such as Green Lane.  The place itself was named after the British king, King George III. So yeah, George Town brings Europe to Asia. It’s a two in one deal.

Suburbs, beaches and seafronts enchant the tourists like anything. The northwest suburbs are highly affluent due to seafront locations. I guess that’s an ideal stay for any and every traveller. Big blue sea in front, the sound of tides mounting up and down, accompanied by a coffee on the table while you enjoy the view from your window! Oooh that’s tempting now.

Furthermore, George Town has a moderate whether suitable for all sorts of travellers. It has a consistent tropical rainforest climate with a maximum 320 C temperature and a minimum of  210 C temperature.

Let me assure you language wouldn’t be a hurdle here. As George Town is a multi- ethnic city, there is an abundance of languages. Malay, English, Tamil and Chinese are the majorly spoken languages.

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George Town is a rainbow of colour and joy. Lighten up your mood with a budget friendly stay in the Penang capital city, George Town and let your soul rejuvenate!