Perfumes are one of those things which when applied becomes a part of our personality, it becomes a part of who we are. Your fragrance is so impactful that it develops an instant relation with the memory of you in a person’s mind. The person with a great fragrance tends to be more appealing and attractive than others. It helps you to create a positive image of yourself in the mind of others. The good soothing fragrance gives you a positive feeling about yourself. It also keeps you fresh throughout the day. These are some of the reasons why it is so important to find the perfect fragrance that suits you. People find it hard to find their ideal fragrance that goes with their personality.

There are many brands and perfumes available in the market but none of them made perfume for you specially. Scent-osa allows you to create your perfume according to your personality. You can also witness and learn many things from their interactive never seen before perfume making show. You can enjoy these shows with your partner and know a lot more about their personality, their choices, likes, and dislikes.

The perfect activity to do

If you are planning on what to do Singapore then you can surely not afford to miss this new attraction Singapore. Singapore is popular for its orchids and especially the native wild variety. Orchids have many additional advantages. They are used for medicinal purposes and for making famous pleasant aromas. Singapore has been home to many such great plants and especially the native wild variety. Scent-osa uses these orchids to make native orchid oils. They have a wide range of fragrance oil infused with these oils. You can use these oils to make your perfume according to your personality.

You don’t want to miss this for sure

To know about your ideal fragrance that can suit your personality, you can take scent-osa’s personality quiz. This quiz asks you several questions and then evaluates your personality accordingly, it tell you which fragrance goes with it. They have a separate personality test for men and women. Enjoy this fun activity in the perfect venue attending the best bespoke perfume making sessions and take back the best souvenir with yourself. So that you remember your beautiful trip every time you use these perfumes. It is one of the best activities to do in Singapore for honeymooners, especially.