There is no denying the fact that the Rajasthani cuisine is every gourmand’s delight. The Indian state is known for its extreme climatic conditions and raw vegetation. This has tremendously affected the food landscape, inviting in distinctive styles of cooking that are difficult to spot anywhere else. Meet any Rajasthani food expert and he or she will tell you all about the uniqueness of their cooking style. 

Appetising and colourful, the food originated in Rajasthan emanates an overwhelming whiff of goodness that takes you captive in no time. People from all over the world come to Rajasthan to witness the exclusivity of Rajasthani cuisine. The capital city of Rajasthan, Jaipur, is a mecca for food lovers and serves authentic dishes hailing from the state in the most idiosyncratic fashion. Visit to any Indian restaurant in Jaipur and your curiosity will be rested. But, before you do so, let’s introduce to some of the best dishes from Rajasthan that should definitely be there in your platter. Have a look: 

  • Bajre ki roti with Lahsun ki chutney

The staple food of Rajasthan, Bajre ki roti is prepared with millet flour. One of the healthiest breads known, the unique aroma of this roti makes it all the more desirous. While it can be savoured with a variety of dry vegetables, curries, and pulses, the authentic Rajasthani way to relish Bajre ki roti is accompanying it with onions and a delicious sauce made from garlic which is locally known as Lahsun ki chutney.  

  • Pyaaz Kachori

Sort your snack-time with pyaaz kachori – a popular Rajasthani snack.  Hailing from Jodhpur, it can be easily spotted in every food-shop in Rajasthan. In fact, it has now reached every nook and cranny of North India as well. A puffed pastry, pyaaz kachori is a deep fried goodie stuffed with spicy onion masala. The dish is served with tangy tamarind sauce and can be eaten alongside tea or any other beverage.  

  • Mirchi Vada

Another popular snack from Jodhpur is mirchi vada. A zesty cutlet stuffed with chillies and potatoes, mirchi vada is eaten with pure delight across all the villages, towns and cities of Rajasthan. It is chiefly served with tamarind sauce. If you aren’t a big fan of tamarind sauce, you can even eat it with home-made tomato sauce. 

  • Laal Maas

Delight for non-vegetarians, laal mass is one of the most unique meat preparations hailing from Rajasthan. Best eaten with bajre ki roti and rice, this red-coloured, spicy meat features the characteristic taste of red chillies. Every meat-lover must eat this piquant dish once in their lifetime to give their taste-buds the much-needed spicy fervour. 

Since now you are acquainted with the best Rajasthani dishes, it’s time to taste the reality of your flavourful imagination. Whether you are at a super-sophisticated corporate party venue in Jaipur, enjoying a grand party or you are travelling across the villages of Jodhpur district, the stimulating aroma of Rajasthani cuisine is enough to take over your senses, no matter where you go!