The Campervan Adventure

If you still haven’t booked the family holiday and are struggling for ideas on how to keep the kids engaged, why not try an attractive alternative. Perhaps you desire a change from the usual beach resort destination, or maybe you don’t want to fly at all and are in need of a closer-to-home road trip. A campervan-based holiday could be the ideal choice; offering a unique chance to get away from it all and do what you want in your own time. Let’s look at the benefits of campervan hire, and a couple of amazing ideas on where to go.

Why You Need to Try a Campervan Break

Although jetting around the world may seem like the perfect retreat—all those tropical and exotic locations are divine—a well-planned campervan holiday has many advantages and should be seriously considered as an alternative to globe-trotting. Here’s why:

Stop boredom setting in. Sometimes even the most amazing destinations end up running dry as you struggle to find new things to do and see. If you’re at a resort, the last few days can seem like déjà vu as you swim laps of the same pool and dine at the same restaurant for a tenth consecutive day. However, being on the road in your own campervan adds a new dimension to your holiday. See something new every day and watch the sun go down from a different spot in the evenings. Boredom will never be a factor.

Spending genuine family time. Being on the road with just you and your family will present the best possible chance to bond. You will not need to split up and go to various clubs like at a resort. Embrace time on the road together and all the adventures that follow.

Practicality and costs. No more worrying about overweight suitcases or having to leave behind items that just do not fit. Take a whole lot more than you ever could do abroad, without all the heavy luggage expense. Save money on flights and hotels by hiring a campervan instead. For fantastic deals visit BudgetCampervans –

Places to Visit

Once you’ve booked your campervan, the fun begins as you look around for amazing places to visit. Two fantastic locations to stopover are Kent (The Garden of England) or The Lake District. The Garden of England is extremely kid-friendly. Only a short distance from London, you can travel to Battle and enjoy the breath-taking scenery. St Ives Farm is a fantastic stay –

For more outdoor adventure and a stunning drive, The Lake District is a must see. Not only are these some of the best views in the UK; a fantastic adventure awaits as you get to try hiking, cycling or sailing. If that’s too much, just take a beautiful stroll through this majestic region. A Good place to stop is The National Trust’s Low Wray in Ambleside –

Hiring a campervan will give you an experience like no other—be sure to try it.