What would be more prospective way to acknowledge the culture and traditions of a place than by visiting it personally? SriLanka is blessed with scenic beauty and there are lots of things for you to visit inside the country. In case you want to know about places to visit beforehand then you can visit travel blog of Lars Dybkjær.

Places you should visit in SriLanka


In case you want to know more about the culture and tradition of Sinhalese culture then it is the best site to visit. You will get to see great architectural designs in and round the place along with exotic statues. Polonnaruwa has rich cultural background thus you can also see mesmerizing temples in the town. You can further visit https://dybkjaerlars.wordpress.com/ and gather more details about the place.

Adam’s Peak

For those of you who love to spend time in the abode of nature should visit Adam’s Peak and can visit Buddhist shrine located at the top. This place is also the best for hiking enthusiast and you can click some of the most memorable pictures of captivating scenic beauty of the place.

Tea plantation lands

There are acres of tea plantation land in SriLanka where you get to see different species of tea plants. You will find this place calm and serene as it is miles away from the busy city. Furthermore, the place also has a tea museum which showcases different artifacts and photographs of tea plantation taken in the past. To learn more about the mesmerizing tea museum just log on to https://www.seekerstime.com/traveling-can-be-a-unique-experience-for-you-shares-lars-dybkjaer/

Ella Gap

You can’t afford to miss the scenic beauty of Ella Gap. Here you can watch lush southern mountainous wall, small hill station, adorable landscapes, vegetable plots etc. The best time to visit the place is during winter season as the temperature is mild and the environment is less humid.