After a long work day or week, plopping yourself in a big comfy chair and turning on the television seems like a good pace to most. However studies have shown time and time again that the more physical energy you use, the stronger your heart gets and the more energy you will have. So taking advantage of what the outdoors has to offer is a great way to get some fresh air and gets some energy burning.

Many hard working North Americans have taken up hobbies like rock climbing, kayaking, hiking and biking. No matter what your fitness level is now, you can work at your own pace and these types of activities are ideal ways to work on your physical health as well as your mental health. At the end of the weekend you will feel super charged and great and ready to tackle another work week.

Many make these into family outings and they pack up their tents and portable camping hammocks for a good nights sleep and off they go. Hiking, or portaging to the next body of water where they drop on a canoe and paddle to the perfect camping spot for the night. Sleeping in comfort with a warm breeze across your face and billions of stars in you line of sight.

Find what inspires you and what you get a thrill out of. Work you way up to a weekend adventure and don’t forget the portable hammock to get that rest you need, and you’re on your way to a change in lifestyle. It is a very positive change that can improve your muscle tone; especially that all important heart muscle, and increase your endurance. This will all lead to a better frame of mind when you have fun doing something that is great for you.