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It’s almost summertime here in Utah and there’s no better time to go horseback riding. Rocky Mountain Outfitters is your premier horseback riding guide in Utah and will guide you through some of the most beautiful locations in the Wasatch mountains. If you want to experience Utah from a unique perspective, then book a trip today with Rocky Mountain Outfitters.

When it comes to finding the right horseback riding guide, it comes down to reputation and you should let Rocky Mountain Outifitter’s reviews speak for themselves! 117 reviews and 4.7 stars. Those numbers are well earned!

Do I really need a horseback riding guide?

Some may ask, do I really need a horseback riding guide? The short answer is, yes! Horseback riding is no easy feat and it’s nothing like the movies where the hero hops on the horse and rides off into the sunset. No, no, it’s much more complicated than that!

A proper horseback riding guide will give you all the tools necessary to have a safe and fun experience. They will teach you the tips and tricks needed and point you in the right direction. On top of that, they will make your time on the trail exciting. They will know all the cool spots and take you places you never dreamed of!

Rocky Mountain Outfitters is committed to providing a quality horseback experience for you and your family. They go to great lengths to assure the best trail ride is available for their guests. Whether you’re riding your trusty steed along the mountainside to overlook Deer Creek Reservoir and Mount Timpanogos or on horseback ride at Sundance Stables to catch a view of the Stewart Falls you will find the best and most enjoyable ride with a wrangler from Rocky Mountain Outfitters.

If you want to experience the beauty of summer in Utah, then guided horseback riding is the best way to do it. Rocky Mountain Outfitters will provide you with an experience of a lifetime. Visit our site or call to book a trip today!

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