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After the Covid-19 crisis, many millions of Americans are striving for a rewarding holiday. And after many months of the slump in the tourism industry, people are in drastic search for holiday cabin rentals. If you have a vacant property near Gatlinburg, Sevierville or Pigeon Forge, then you can lease them for some excellent earning capacity. However, a majority of the visitors will be making their bookings online. So the images that you upload would showcase your rental cabin. Your images will also reflect the services that you offer. 

The Problem

Pigeon forge property manager from Avada Properties knows that a number of excellent properties receive fewer bookings just because the pictures are not good enough.

The Solution

A few modifications in your existing property pictures can make a difference for good. You can visit the site for some inspirations. Also, keep a few tips handy to make a difference.

  • Clean the cabins first. This would include cleaning all surfaces, kitchen appliances, floors, and upholstery. Also, change the bedsheets and replace the towels. Externally, clean up the fallen branches and leaves. It is also imperative to clean the bushes and mow the lawn.
  • Make use of a new age high-resolution and digital camera to create quality pictures.
  • Try taking the images from different angles. Preferably, take a picture of the same room from various angles. 
  • Make use of the available light to your advantage. It is also a good idea to utilize consistently and even lighting throughout your rooms. You can also create specialized effects. For example, use fairy lights in a dark room. 
  • Avoid any type of reflections from mirrors and windows.
  • Do not forget to highlight the key amenities in a separate set of pictures.
  • Capture moments in different holidays. For example, at Christmas time, take pictures of a cost corner. Similarly, take pictures in Valentine’s Day, 4th July, Thanksgiving and the like.

Earning More with Your Property

Justin Anderson, the founder of Avada Properties, has recently launched a free calculator for rental income. It is easy to use. Also, it can generate a realistic estimate of your monthly cash flow and revenue. As a property owner, you will simply need to enter your cabin’s address, select certain options to get an instant estimate. And given the tool utilizes artificial intelligence, the estimation is as accurate as they can be. 

How They Make ItThe specialized calculator uses booking data and cabin listing from the portfolios of different online property managers, and even make use of their own databases. Justin remarks that he wanted to understand the financial effect of having an efficient cabin manager and determine if it is any different from that of self-managing a cabin. He has designed the cabin revenue estimator out of his own need to determine what can be the expected cost of maintenance, how much would it cost to clean the cabins and adjoining areas, and take note of other small things that would be important for the days to come.