Have you been thinking of developing and selling a product that interests you? Search the Internet to see what others have done. Just type the words in your browser that describe your product and you can go for days getting ideas. Keep a record of those things that you think important for developing your product and when you have enough, take a “browser break.” It is important for your mental health. I have found myself hunched over, with chin in hand for hours, trying to soak up myriads of unending information. At some point you have to collect, weed out and devise a plan of action and then go back for specifics. Then you know you’re moving.

If you do not have a product, you can still have an income by promoting that of another company, who will pay you for any purchases of their product or service as a result of your efforts. This is Affiliate Marketing. Writing articles and placing ads are two methods of promotion. Advertising can be very inexpensive and often free, and there is a ton of help on how to write articles. Selecting a company that provides support, educates and encourages you lessens the time you would spend to develop your own market without trial and error. Look up the explanation of Affiliate Marketing just by entering those two words.

Your business also can be promoted through “Blogging”, a more informal way of introducing a product on the market and there are many offers to create a free blog. There are websites that incorporate the blog format as part of the website structure.

Now we have the opportunity to “Twitter.” Everybody is twittering. The word alone makes you want to do it. It is another informal vehicle in which to present your product. Facebook is another. If you are unfamiliar with these avenues of communication, just spend time with your browser and you will get the feel of it.

If you desire to build your own website, you can get help to design it. Web.com and Homestead are two to check out to aid you with templates and other information. There are others, and you might want to check them all first.

Online Marketing is becoming a necessity for many in these trying economical times. Motivate yourself. Realize your potential. Look forward to your new adventure and see it evolve into a productive, satisfying and prosperous life.