An Island Paradise in the Mediterranean

Santo Tomas lies on the coast of Menorca, with its sandy white coastline bordering the Mediterranean Sea. It is a popular holiday destination for anyone looking for a sunny holiday on the Mediterranean without the mad tourist crowds. With a range of places to explore and activities to choose from, you certainly won’t be lacking in things to do while on holiday in Santo Tomas.

1. The Shoreline

Basking in the sun on a white beach in Menorca is nothing short of a fantasy. A Santo Tomas holiday will see you relaxing on the warm sands and strolling along the beachside footpaths. You could take a breakfast picnic down to the beach to avoid to the midday sun, or enjoy sundowners as the sun sets over the Mediterranean ocean. Enjoy swimming in the warm, clear waters, a refreshing way to escape the heat.

2. Away from the Tourist Hub

A Santo Tomas holiday is not your average Mediterranean island tourist trip. It is more of an old-fashioned, homely resort than its commercial competitors. This makes it ideal for families wanting to escape the crowds, where you and your family can relax in comfort in the resort’s natural beauty.

When you do want to venture out of the resort, an ideal day out would be a trip to Es Migjorn, a neighbouring village. You can stroll through streets of this quaint little village, where local artists exhibit their work. The town of Ciutadella is not far off either, with its medieval buildings and beautiful coastline making for some good sightseeing.

3. Going Inland

With the rolling hills and lush gardens you will find yourself in when on a Santo Tomas holiday, your surroundings are just waiting to be explored. The choice of transport is all yours, where both your feet and a horse are viable options.

An organised pony trek is sure to be an exciting afternoon out, and is a great family activity. Admire the views while sitting on your trusty stead, and return to the beach for a swim to cool off afterwards. For a gentler day out, you could wander the area on foot, stopping to smell the flowers and enjoy your island paradise.

4. Beach Resort Activities

Particularly enjoyable for families are activities such as mini golf and tennis, turning a Santo Tomas holiday into a family affair. Enjoy a family mini golf competition by the sea, where you can keep your children entertained while soaking up the sunshine and sea air.

To make your lazy island days a bit more active, you might want to play a game of tennis or two, made that much more enjoyable by your exquisite surroundings. A few energetic activities could add a bit of life to your holiday, giving you an alternative to lounging on the sand.