The holidays are a stressful time for adults, most especially for parents. Not only are there several family members to visit, or worse arriving for the holidays, the kids also tend to get rowdy and restless. Christmas break, unlike the summer, means that kids spend more time inside the house than in summer camp or with their friends, this can lead to a lot of tension and boredom leading to Christmas.

As parents we want our kids to enjoy the holidays without feeling restless and bored. This holiday season, try these interesting ideas to get the children more involved and excited for the coming festivities:

Make Decorating A Family Tradition

Whether it’s just decorating the tree or the entire house, let the kids add something too! Investing in personalized Christmas ornaments for kids will seal the deal and get them hyped up to participate in the tradition.

You can even make it a game or a competition and encourage the kids to decorate their own corner and offer an award for the best. But of course, everyone will get an award at the end because it’s the holidays after all!

Bake With The Kids

Gingerbread houses play a major role during the Christmas season and it can be an activity that everyone in the family can participate in. The kids can help the parents prepare the batter and everyone can decorate the house and the gingerbread men together.

It’s fun, it’s sweet, and it will surely keep the kids occupied for a few hours. Plus, the gingerbread creations can be used as part of the holiday decor for the extended family to see when they drop by for a visit.

Get Crafty

Since you can’t spend every night baking gingerbread houses, it is time to get crafty. Kids tend to enjoy making unique crafts from just about everything, use this to your advantage. Set up a craft area where the kids can make their very own Christmas decorations and even handmade gifts for their friends and relatives.

The decor they make will perfectly match the Christmas ornaments for kids you ordered for them. Plus, the rustic handmade gifts are always appreciated by grandma and grandpa.

A Christmas Movie Marathon

Set aside at least one night during the holidays for a Christmas movie marathon with the kids. Allow each one to choose a movie they want to watch and prepare lots of snacks and drinks for everyone to enjoy. Make it extra special and enjoyable by setting up the living room to resemble a slumber party where you and your kids can just snooze off when your eyelids get heavy.

Let Them Add To The Holiday Greeting Cards

Aside from taking a family picture to send to relatives and friends as your annual holiday greeting card, let the kids add something personal. Whether they want to handwrite their name, put a sticker, or place the stamp, letting them add something makes them feel like they are part of the process of sending the cards.

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