Are you thinking about great malaysia tours? You should definitely plan a tour to Semporna. In Malay, Semporna is called Semporna. Being the capital of Semporna District, Semporna is a popular tourist spot of Malaysia.

Actually, it acts as a key stop-by point for visitors, who want to go for diving or snorkeling trips to neighboring islands, such as Mabul, Sipadan, Mataking, Kapalai, etc. Being a small town, Semporna can be easily visited on foot. So, it will be surely a mesmerizing experience while you’d visit Semporna.

How to reach Semporna?

Do you want to visit Semporna from West Malaysia as well as foreign countries? Then, first, a flight needs to be taken to Tawau airport. Once reached to Tawau airport, you might want to hire a taxi to reach Semporna. The total duration would be around 75 minutes.

Are you looking for a budget-friendly option? Then, you might take a bus or taxi by setting Tawau town as your destination. It will be followed by a journey to another bus for reaching Semporna.

You can either take the Express or the Minivans Buses.  But, in both of the cases, the time taken will be around 2 hours for reaching Semporna. So, start planning your Semporna trip to spend some memorable days.

 Some mesmerizing tourist destinations in Semporna

Some of the popular tourist spots in Semporna are as follows:

Sipadan National Park

Sipadan National Park is a top-notch, world-famous diving destination in Semporna. The popularity is due to its enchanting location.

Nestled right at the heart of Indo- Pacific basin, the Sipadan National Park is all about awe-inspiring marine habitats in the world.

The Barracuda point is known as the best diving location in this tourist spot. The mesmerizing marine life is its pride that ranges turtles, trigger fish, sharks, bumper head, trevally, Jack Fish, and so on. It will be indeed a great experience to visit Sipadan National Park.

Big John Scuba

Founded on a platform atop azure sea water, the enchanting Big John Scuba provides the facility of different rooms featured with fresh hot water and air conditioner. However, the facility is for one hour/day.

The standard rooms of Big John Scuba are featured with twin beds accompanied with spotless white linen and clean ensuite. Nonetheless, the VIP rooms of this place are comparatively larger. Don’t forget to add this place in your bucket list while planning malaysia tours.

Bohey Dulang Island

Don’t forget to visit Bohey Dulang Island while you’re in a Semporna trip. Being a mind-blowing mountainous island composed with remaining of an age-old volcano, Bohey Dulang is now filled with seawater that has been resulted in a beautiful, vast lagoon with 25m depth. The southern direction of this lagoon remains open.

Don’t forget to visit Scuba Junkie Diving, Tropical Research and Conservation Centre, Scubaholics, Tun Sakaran Marine Park, Sipadan Scuba, Sabah, and Semporna Blue Reef.

You can get some great opportunities to spend some relaxing and rejuvenating days amidst nature. It will be a memorable experience for you.