From the idea that everything begins to be shared, such as hostels, but surrounded by more luxury, or the total travel experience offered by Pratunam Hotel itself, we will look at several ideas that come in terms of a hotel accommodation.

Design Is Everything

The perfect design is no longer a thing of boutique hotels. Although your hotel is super luxury or low-cost accommodation, the guest expects it to be decorated with care and taste. Large hotel chains should consider redecorating to change their elegant styles.

The Experience Goes Beyond Accommodation

The accommodations begin to think beyond and offer things to the guest once they set foot outside their resting place. The rental chain begins to provide tours and complete experiences that go beyond the mere bed.

Hospitality Returns To Its Origins

It is perfect to have the most modern hotel in the world, with the latest technologies but you have to offer hospitality, close treatment and outstanding service. There, is the secret of success; the people who show their faces in the establishment. A friendly face and efficient service make it a comfortable place.

The “Local” Gains Strength

This requires an explanation, and it is not that local suppliers are used and all that, no, but that the best hotel in pratunam is open to those who live nearby, who enter and use facilities such as restaurants or shops without needing to stay there.

To Share Is To Live

If we co-work more every day, why not start living in housing. It will seek to emphasize the common areas to have more feeling of sharing the accommodation, with places to cook and wash clothes.

Hotels Become Smart

These concerns doors that open with the mobile, rooms in which televisions offer everything by streaming, facilities to use the room or messaging service, modernize aspects but without losing what we said about the humanity of the staff.